About Me

I’m Christina Dowell — mom to three kids, full time project manager and Team Leader with Color Street. I also sell Thirty-One Gifts too (www.bagsandbins.com)! I love direct sales and the products I represent!

I have a busy life with my three children and a St Berdoodle. My minivan is in constant motion with the kids playing baseball, hockey, taekwando  I live in upstate New York and love it. I’m originally from Long Island and still get to Jones Beach each summer (it’s in my blood!)

In my spare time, beyond my children’s activities (is there any time left after the above list?), I like to cook (if someone will eat it), drink wine and read.

And most importantly, my WHY. Why do I sell Color Street and Thirty-One? Honestly, it brought me back to life. It ignited an energy and fun side of me that had been bogged down for a long time. And now I love the connections I make every day, I love the money I earn that gives me flexibility to do fun things as a single parent. It just makes my life more full and authentic. I’ll take it!